Carrying Flavor – Sauces & Dressings

Part of the Learn to Cook - Fall Series

Learn how to build flavor and enhance the taste of your food using herbs and spices, salt, lemon juice and vinegars. From salad dressings to pan sauces, we'll show you how.

Wed Oct 17 | 6P

Airy: Air and Steam in Baked Goods

Part of the Learn to Bake - Fall Series

Though not found on most ingredient lists, air is a key component in successful baking. We'll show you why with ethereal meringue, crisp creampuffs, and sky-high soufflés.

Thu Oct 18 | 6P

Taking Stock - Grains & Chicken

Part of the Learn to Cook - Fall Series

Stock your pantry and freezer with basic ingredients for easier menu planning and preparation. We'll show how a simple chicken and pantry staples can create a week's meals.

Wed Oct 24 | 6P

Cakey: Celebration Cakes!

Part of the Learn to Bake - Fall Series

What better finale for our Learn to Bake series than a good old-fashioned layer cake? Learn to mix, bake, fill and frost for all of life's special occasions.

Thu Oct 25 | 6P

Food and Wine Pairing Made Easy

Fall & winter holidays are coming! How do you choose wines for those fabulous festive meals? Jill Silverman Hough, author of 100 Perfect Pairings, will teach us to pair different wine varietals with their perfect food match.

Fri Oct 26 | 6P

Fall Farmer’s Market

Fall’s markets beckon, with brightly-hued squash, crisp cool-weather cauliflower and celeriac, and hearty healthy greens. Michelle McKenzie will teach you to coax out their best.

Sat Oct 27 | 11A

Mexican Tamales and Moles

Join us for a festive, communal cooking class with Chef Agustín Gaytán, as he leads hands-on lessons in making traditional Mexican moles and tamales.

Sun Oct 28 | 3P

PIE SQUARED with Cathy Barrow

It’s pie for a crowd! PIE SQUARED author Cathy Barrow will show you how to make slab pies (pies baked in a sheet pan) and lead you in assembling your own pie to bake at home.

Mon Oct 29 | 6:30P

Quick & Easy Weeknight Meals - Fall Edition

Need help getting dinners on the table? Home cook, mom & seasoned instructor Jackie Apple returns, with more recipes and skills to jump-start your weeknight kitchen routine.

Mon Nov 05 | 10A

Comfort - Braises & Warm Salads

Part of the Learn to Cook - Fall Series

The Fall months call for heartwarming dishes perfect for cozying up to the new season. Learn to make comforting braises, hearty bean dishes and satisfying main-course salads.

Wed Nov 07 | 6P

Italy by Ingredient: Truffles and Mushrooms

Viola Buitoni puts a holiday spin on Italy by Ingredient with extravagant, earthy truffles and mushrooms - porcini, black trumpet, and more. She will teach you to deploy these beauties to their full advantage in an array of recipes.

Sat Nov 10 | 3P

Breakfast All Day - Eggs

Part of the Learn to Cook - Fall Series

Learning to cook with the incredibly versatile egg will lead you to countless delicious meal ideas. Join us as we poach, fry, boil, bake and scramble our way to egg mastery.

Wed Nov 14 | 6P