The Japanese Pantry: Nabe (Japanese hot pot)

In this hands-on class, chef Greg Dunmore shares several soul-satisfying versions of nabe, the Japanese hot pot meal cooked and shared around a communal table.

Sun Feb 24 | 3P

Learn to Cook II

In this four-week course, a continuation of our Learn to Cook series, build your kitchen confidence as you work with hand-formed pastas, fish and shellfish, homemade condiments and crackers, and more! And did we mention the dinner party?

Wed Feb 27 | 6P

Pasta by Hand

Part of the Learn to Cook II Series

This segment of Learn to Cook II focuses on pasta - from hand cut farfalle (butterflies/bowties) to filled, folded tortellini, you will learn firsthand how satisfying it is to make pasta at home.

Wed Feb 27 | 6P

Weeknight Vegan

Chef Frances shares ingredients and techniques for delicious low-stress vegan meals. Spark your creativity as we explore the many alternatives to meat and dairy products.

Thu Feb 28 | 6P

Geeky Baking: Macarons

Join co-founder Jen for a foray into Geeky Baking. We’ve worked out the math and methods that really work when making macarons in a home kitchen, and we'll share them with you!

Sat Mar 02 | 10A

Knife Skills Level 1

Co-founder Jen Nurse will teach you to use, choose, and care for kitchen knives. We’ll practice assorted cutting techniques essential to faster, more enjoyable home cooking.

Tue Mar 05 | 6P

Advanced Fish & Shellfish

Part of the Learn to Cook II Series

This class takes a deep dive into advanced seafood preparations, as we work with squid, various shellfish, and whole fish in a diverse array of recipes

Wed Mar 06 | 6P

Making Love in Your Kitchen: Session 4

Join instructor Marlene for this couples cooking class, with 6 new menus. She'll provide all of the tools: shopping lists, clever shortcuts, and healthy attainable weeknight recipes.

Fri Mar 08 | 6:30P

Mexican Ingredients, Tools and Techniques

Join Chef Agustín Gaytán for a hands-on introduction to the cooking traditions of Mexico. Make a feast of handmade tortillas, guacamole in a molcajete, carne asada, & more.

Sat Mar 09 | 3P

Italy by Ingredient - Ricotta & Parmigiano

Join us for Viola Buitoni's Italy by Ingredient as she shares her knowledge of ricotta and Parmigiano (Parmesan) cheeses - their production, history and fabulous recipes to cook at home

Sun Mar 10 | 3P

Condiments & Crackers, Spreads & Breads

Part of the Learn to Cook II Series

Add nuance to everyday menus with homemade condiments and spreads. Learn to make quick pickles, spice blends, preserved lemons and more, along with simple handmade crackers and breads.

Wed Mar 13 | 6P

Indian Street Food, Bollywood Style

Join instructor Meghna Agarwal for this hands-on cooking class featuring the sensational tangy, hot, sweet and sour foods of India’s glamorous Bollywood!

Fri Mar 15 | 6P

Tartine-Style Breads

Naturally leavened Tartine-style breads are quite easy to make (really)! Deirdre Davis shows us how to achieve fantastic crust and great depth of flavor in this hands-on class.

Sat Mar 16 | 10A

St. Patrick’s Dinner (with Beer Pairings)

Step aside, plain potatoes, corned beef and cabbage! Chef Frances shares a modern menu from her native Ireland to start your St. Patrick’s Day celebrations off right. With beer pairings, naturally.

Sun Mar 17 | 5P

Lunch and Learn

If you’ve got 90 minutes, Chef Jen has lunch and a cooking lesson for you! This month: Roasted Veggie Galette and salad. Join us to lunch, learn and ask questions along the way.

Mon Mar 18 | 12P

Art of the Dinner Party

Part of the Learn to Cook II Series

It’s the Learn to Cook II series finale, and we're throwing a party! You will learn to plan and host your own gatherings, as we cook a menu created by you and your classmates.

Wed Mar 20 | 6P

The Japanese Pantry: Soy Sauce & Tamari

Join Chef Greg Dunmore for an introduction to soy sauce and tamari, fundamental to Japanese cuisine. Learn traditional and not-so-traditional recipes to make at home.

Sun Mar 24 | 3P

Sunday Brunch

Why stand in line for brunch, when making it at home is fun and delicious? Perfect poached eggs, hollandaise and crêpes are easier than you think. Chef Frances shows you how in this hands-on class.

Sun Mar 31 | 10A

The Karachi Kitchen with Kausar Ahmed

Discover the flavors of Pakistan with visiting author and chef instructor Kausar Ahmed, as she teaches you about the cuisine of her home town, Karachi, in this hands-on cooking class.

Sat Apr 06 | 3P

Wine Country Table with Janet Fletcher

Celebrate Spring and the publication of Wine Country Table in this hands-on cooking class with our special guest, esteemed Bay Area writer and instructor Janet Fletcher.

Sat Apr 13 | 3P

The Paleo Kitchen - Asian Menu

Explore paleo eating with Tom Herndon and Michael Westgate in this hands-on, pan-Asia-themed class. Taste how pleasurable it can be to eat foods free of grains, dairy and refined sugar.

Sun Apr 14 | 3P

The Spanish Kitchen: Paella

It’s time for Spring Seafood Paella! Join chef Camila, visiting from her home in Barcelona, for this hands-on Spanish cooking adventure.

Sat Apr 20 | 11A

Learn to Cook - Spring

Build a strong foundation for any culinary challenge thrown your way. Get ready to face the fundamentals—from sautéing to searing to steaming, we’ve got it covered!

Wed May 15 | 6P

Kitchen Confidence - Get Started

Part of the Learn to Cook - Spring Series

Transform your home cooking experience with improved knife skills. You will learn several basic cuts and have lots of time and opportunity to practice them.

Wed May 15 | 6P

Nourish – Vegetables & Fish

Part of the Learn to Cook - Spring Series

Learn to select fish and a variety of techniques for its preparation. We will also showcase an array of seasonal Spring vegetables, with guidance for choosing them and inspiration and recipes for using them.

Wed May 22 | 6P

Carrying Flavor – Sauces & Dressings

Part of the Learn to Cook - Spring Series

In this class, you will learn how to build flavor and enhance the taste of your food using salt, acids like lemon juice and vinegars, and herbs and spices.

Wed May 29 | 6P

Taking Stock - Grains & Chicken

Part of the Learn to Cook - Spring Series

Stock your pantry and freezer with basic ingredients for easy menu planning and preparation. We’ll show how a simple chicken and pantry staples can create a week's meals.

Wed Jun 12 | 6P