Condiments / Spreads / Crackers / Breads

Part of the Learn to Cook II - Fall 2019 Series

Add nuance to everyday menus with homemade condiments and spreads. Learn to make quick pickles, spice blends, preserved lemons and more, along with simple handmade crackers and breads.

Wed Nov 13 | 6P

The Japanese Pantry: Turkey the Japanese Way

Want to shake up your Thanksgiving routine? Greg Dunmore will teach techniques and recipes for turkey and accompanying dishes to enliven your holiday table.

Fri Nov 15 | 6P

Everyday Clean Eating

Jackie Apple will teach you how to include anti-inflammatory, antioxidant-rich whole foods full of nutrients & flavor in achievable weekday recipes.

Sat Nov 16 | 10A

Cookbook Class: All About Dinner with Molly Stevens

Cookbook author and celebrated cooking instructor Molly Stevens will teach you to make suppers, small plates and savory snacks from her new book, All About Dinner: Simple Meals, Expert Advice.

Mon Nov 18 | 6P

Knife Skills Level 1

Co-founder Jen Nurse will teach you to use, choose, and care for kitchen knives. We’ll practice assorted cutting techniques essential to faster, more enjoyable home cooking.

Tue Nov 19 | 6P

Art of the Dinner Party

Part of the Learn to Cook II - Fall 2019 Series

It’s the Learn to Cook II series finale, and we're throwing a party! You will learn to plan and host your own gatherings, as we cook a menu created by you and your classmates.

Wed Nov 20 | 6P

Fiesta Mexicana

Join Chef Agustín Gaytán for a festive, communal cooking class, as he leads hands-on lessons in making traditional Mexican tamales, ceviche, and mole.

Sat Dec 07 | 3P

Cocktail Party 101

It's party food! Whether you're carrying snacks to a holiday gathering or hosting a one of your own, this class will provide inspiring recipes for memorable appetizers & no-fuss cocktails.

Sun Dec 08 | 3P

Italian Holiday Desserts: Cassata & Cannoli

Make your holiday table irresistible by showing off your mastery of the royalty of Italian desserts, Cassata and Ricotta Cannoli. Viola Buitoni will be your guide for this hands-on, supremely Italian baking adventure!

Sat Dec 14 | 3P

Cookie Swap & Live! Salt+Spine podcast with La Cocina

We're teaming up with Salt+Spine for our 2nd annual Cookie Swap - this time with a LIVE podcast recording! - followed by cookie swapping, baking tips, and cookbook demos. Please join us!

Sun Dec 15 | 12P

Learn to Cook - Winter 2020

Build a strong foundation for any culinary challenge thrown your way. Get ready to face the fundamentals—from sautéing to searing to steaming, we’ve got it covered in this six-week course!

Wed Jan 15 | 6P

Get Sharp - Knife Skills

Part of the Learn to Cook - Winter 2020 Series

Transform your home cooking in our Learn to Cook Series: We'll teach you to season food properly, read & follow (or ignore!) recipes, and vastly improve your knife skills..

Wed Jan 15 | 6P

Nourish – Vegetables & Fish

Part of the Learn to Cook - Winter 2020 Series

Learn to select fish and a variety of techniques for its preparation. We will also showcase an array of seasonal vegetables, with guidance for choosing them and inspiration and recipes for using them.

Wed Jan 22 | 6P

Learn to Bake - Winter 2020

Learn the basics of baking with Chef Sasha Crehan and our Co-Founder Jen Nurse in this four-week course. We'll cover the ingredients and skills that will transform your home baking.

Thu Jan 23 | 6P

Buttery: Fats in Baking

Part of the Learn to Bake - Winter 2020 Series

Melted, chilled, creamed, browned - learn the function of butter and other fats in baking. On the agenda are an array of cookies and the secrets to superb pie and tart crusts.

Thu Jan 23 | 6P

Carrying Flavor – Sauces & Dressings

Part of the Learn to Cook - Winter 2020 Series

In this class, you will learn how to build flavor and enhance the taste of your food using salt, acids like lemon juice and vinegars, and herbs and spices.

Wed Jan 29 | 6P

Creamy: Custards, Curds, and Ganache

Part of the Learn to Bake - Winter 2020 Series

Learn key techniques and formulas for making silky-smooth pastry cream, melt-in-your-mouth chocolate truffles and the best tangy, fool-proof lemon curd you've ever tasted!

Thu Jan 30 | 6P

Taking Stock - Grains & Chicken

Part of the Learn to Cook - Winter 2020 Series

Stock your pantry and freezer with basic ingredients for easy menu planning and preparation. We’ll show how a simple chicken and pantry staples can create a week's meals.

Wed Feb 05 | 6P

Airy: Air and Steam in Baked Goods

Part of the Learn to Bake - Winter 2020 Series

Though not on most ingredient lists, air is a key component in successful baking. We'll show you how with ethereal meringue, crisp creampuffs, and sky-high soufflés.

Thu Feb 06 | 6P

Comfort - Braises & Beans

Part of the Learn to Cook - Winter 2020 Series

Winter months call for heartwarming dishes perfect for cozying up to the new season. Learn to make comforting braises, hearty bean dishes and satisfying main-course salads.

Wed Feb 12 | 6P

Cakey: Simple Layer Cakes

Part of the Learn to Bake - Winter 2020 Series

What better finale for our Learn to Bake series than a good old-fashioned layer cake? Learn to mix, bake, fill and frost for all of life's special occasions.

Thu Feb 13 | 6P