Weeknight Vegan - Autumn Menu

Chef Frances shares delicious low-stress vegan meals for autumn. Spark your creativity and explore the myriad alternatives to meat and dairy products.

Tue Sep 24 | 6P

Nourish – Vegetables & Fish

Part of the Learn to Cook - Fall 2019 Series

Learn to select fish and a variety of techniques for its preparation. We will also showcase an array of Fall vegetables, with guidance for choosing them and inspiration and recipes for using them.

Wed Sep 25 | 6P

Creamy: Custards, Curds, & Ganache

Part of the Learn to Bake - Fall Series

Learn key techniques and formulas for making silky-smooth pastry cream, melt-in-your-mouth chocolate truffles and superlative tangy-sweet lemon (& other citrus) curds.

Thu Sep 26 | 6P

Pasta & a Podcast LIVE! with Salt+Spine

Please join us for dinner and a LIVE podcast! Salt + Spine host Brian Hogan Stewart will interview Allison Arevalo, author of The Pasta Friday Cookbook: Let’s Eat Together

Sat Sep 28 | 6:30P

Quick & Easy Weeknight Meals: Italy

Need help getting dinner on the table this Fall? Jackie Apple, home cook, mom and cooking instructor, returns with an Italian-inspired menu, streamlined for achievable weeknight cooking.

Mon Sep 30 | 10A

Carrying Flavor – Sauces & Dressings

Part of the Learn to Cook - Fall 2019 Series

Learn how to build flavor and enhance the taste of your food using herbs and spices, salt, citrus juices and vinegars. From salad dressings to pan sauces, we'll show you how.

Wed Oct 02 | 6P

Airy: Air and Steam in Baked Goods

Part of the Learn to Bake - Fall Series

Though not on most ingredient lists, air is a key component in successful baking. We'll show you how with ethereal meringue, crisp cream puffs, and sky-high soufflés.

Thu Oct 03 | 6P

Indian Street Food

Meghna Agarwal's menu delivers the enticing flavors you'd find on the streets in India. Awaken your taste buds, soothe your soul and whisk away the Octobrrrrrr!

Fri Oct 04 | 6P

Everyday Clean Eating

Jackie Apple will show you how to include anti-inflammatory, antioxidant-rich whole foods full of nutrients and great flavor in achievable, varied weeknight menus.

Sun Oct 06 | 10A

Taking Stock - Grains & Chicken

Part of the Learn to Cook - Fall 2019 Series

Stock your pantry and freezer with basic ingredients for easier menu planning and preparation. We'll show how a simple chicken and pantry staples can create a week's meals.

Wed Oct 09 | 6P

Celebration Cakes!

Part of the Learn to Bake - Fall Series

What better finale for our Learn to Bake series than a good old-fashioned layer cake? Learn to mix, bake, fill and frost for all of life's special occasions.

Thu Oct 10 | 6P

Lorraine’s Chinese Kitchen: Restaurant Favorites

The Chinese Lady shares her restaurant favorites, made easy for your home kitchen. From Vegetarian Potstickers to Mu-Shu Pork, you'll learn to make classic appetizers and stir-fries.

Fri Oct 11 | 6P

The Japanese Pantry - All About Dashi

Join chef Greg Dunmore for an introduction to dashi, the cornerstone stocks of Japanese cuisine. Greg's knowledge and recipes will inspire your home cooking!

Sat Oct 12 | 3P

The Paleo Kitchen - French Menu

Tom Herndon is back with an all new Paleo menu. Learn how pleasurable it can be to eat foods free of grains, dairy and refined sugar in this hands-on, French-themed class.

Sun Oct 13 | 3P

Comfort - Braises & Beans

Part of the Learn to Cook - Fall 2019 Series

Fall months call for heartwarming dishes perfect for cozying up to the new season. Learn to make comforting braises, hearty bean dishes and satisfying main-course salads.

Wed Oct 16 | 6P

WHEN PIES FLY: Puff Pastry with author Cathy Barrow

It’s a puff pastry party, book included! Cathy Barrow, author of WHEN PIES FLY, will teach you to bake up fabulous pastries from her new book. So many techniques, so many tips, so much fun!

Thu Oct 17 | 6P

Quick & Easy Weeknight Meals: Italy

Need help getting dinner on the table this Fall? Home cook, mom and instructor Jackie Apple returns with a menu of Italian-inspired dishes, streamlined for achievable weeknight cooking.

Fri Oct 18 | 6P

Preserving the Season: Autumn

Instructor Kathryn Phelan shares the art & science of preserving the fleeting edible treasures of Autumn - we'll make jam, fruit butter, pickles & pesto, great for gifting or to stock your own pantry!

Sat Oct 19 | 10A

Breakfast All Day - Eggs

Part of the Learn to Cook - Fall 2019 Series

Learning to cook with the incredibly versatile egg will lead you to countless delicious meal ideas. Join us as we poach, fry, boil, bake and scramble our way to egg mastery.

Wed Oct 23 | 6P

Knife Skills Level 1

Co-founder Jen Nurse will teach you to use, choose, and care for kitchen knives. We’ll practice assorted cutting techniques essential to faster, more enjoyable home cooking.

Tue Oct 29 | 6P

Learn to Cook II

In this four-week course, a continuation of our Learn to Cook series, build your kitchen confidence as you work with hand-formed pastas, fish and shellfish, homemade condiments and crackers, and more! And did we mention the dinner party?

Wed Oct 30 | 6P

Pasta by Hand

Part of the Learn to Cook II Series

This segment of Learn to Cook II focuses on pasta - from hand cut farfalle (butterflies/bowties) to filled, folded tortellini, you will learn firsthand how simple and satisfying it is to make pasta at home.

Wed Oct 30 | 6P

Cookbook Writing with Dianne Jacob

Dianne Jacob, writing coach and award-winning author, will share insights into cookbook concept development, recipe writing, and how to craft a proposal to get you published.

Sun Nov 03 | 1P

Advanced Fish & Shellfish

Part of the Learn to Cook II Series

This class takes a deep dive into advanced seafood preparations, as we work with squid, various shellfish, and whole fish in a diverse array of recipes

Wed Nov 06 | 6P

One Roast Pork, Five More Meals

In this celebration of leftovers, Chef Frances will teach you how to make one meal into many. You’ll start by roasting a pork shoulder and end up with a week’s worth of meals.

Thu Nov 07 | 6P

Cooking in Iran with Najmieh Batmanglij

Najmieh Batmanglij, hailed as “The Grande Dame of Iranian Cooking”, will lead this class featuring recipes from her books, including her newest masterwork: Cooking in Iran: Regional Recipes and Kitchen Secrets.

Tue Nov 12 | 6P

Condiments, Crackers, Spreads & Breads

Part of the Learn to Cook II Series

Add nuance to everyday menus with homemade condiments and spreads. Learn to make quick pickles, spice blends, preserved lemons and more, along with simple handmade crackers and breads.

Wed Nov 13 | 6P