In-Person Cooking Class

Bastille Day Dinner

Join Frances Wilson to celebrate liberté, égalité, and fraternité in style with a grand French feast.

Sun Jul 14 | 3P
Online Cooking Class

Konbini Cooking: Class 2 (More Delights)

Part of the Konbini Cooking with Greg Dunmore Series

Greg Dunmore will lead you in cooking karaage, onigiri, and more in this konbini (Japanese convenience store) snack extravaganza.

Sun Jul 21 | 3P
In-Person Cooking Class

Ice Cream Social

Join ice cream fanatic Jeremy Jarman on a journey of sweet indulgence! He’ll teach you all about ice cream and share his top recipes for summer.

Sat Jul 27 | 1P PT
In-Person Cooking Class
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Knife Skills Basics

Civic Kitchen co-founder Jen Nurse will teach you to use, choose, and care for kitchen knives. We’ll practice assorted cutting techniques for more efficient, more enjoyable home cooking.

Tue Jul 30 | 6P