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Kitchen Confidence - Get Started

Part of the Learn to Cook - Fall Series

Transform your home cooking in our Learn to Cook Series: We'll teach you to season food properly, read & follow (or ignore!) recipes, and vastly improve your knife skills.

Wed Sep 26 | 6P

Learn to Cook - Fall

Build a strong foundation for any culinary challenge thrown your way. Get ready to face the fundamentals—from sautéing to searing to steaming, we’ve got it covered!

Wed Sep 26 | 6P

Six Basic Techniques

Jennifer Clair, author of Six Basic Cooking Techniques, will lead you through the class that inspired the book. Once you’ve tackled these fundamentals, there is no limit to the variety of meals you can make.

Thu Sep 27 | 6P

Smushies! Danish Mini Smørrebrød

Annette Sorenson will teach you to create a smorgasbord of Danish smushies, the elegant but unfussy open-faced mini sandwiches taking Copenhagen by storm.

Fri Sep 28 | 6P

Big Night Timpano

Join Viola Buitoni for a celebratory dinner of timpano, the dish made famous in the movie Big Night. She will demonstrate her recipe, featured in the new cookbook Feed Your People, and lead us in assembling it together. Guests will sit down to a convivial feast with wine and friends.

Sat Sep 29 | 5:30P

Everyday Clean Eating

Jackie Apple will show you how to include anti-inflammatory, antioxidant-rich whole foods full of nutrients and great flavor in attainable, varied weeknight menus.

Sun Sep 30 | 10A

Nourish – Vegetables & Fish

Part of the Learn to Cook - Fall Series

Learn to choose fish and a variety of techniques for its preparation. We'll also share lots of new ideas for menus that show off the bounty of seasonal Fall vegetables.

Wed Oct 03 | 6P

Learn to Bake - Fall

Learn the basics of baking with our Co-Founder Jen Nurse and Chef Sasha Crehan in this four-week course. We'll cover the ingredients and skills to transform your home baking.

Thu Oct 04 | 6P

Buttery: Fats in Baking

Part of the Learn to Bake - Fall Series

Melted, chilled, creamed, browned - learn the function of butter and other fats in baking. On the agenda are an array of cookies and the secrets to superb pie and tart crusts.

Thu Oct 04 | 6P

Making Love in Your Kitchen: Session 2

Join Chef Marlene for our next Couples Cooking class, with 6 new menus. She will provide the tools: shopping lists, clever shortcuts, and healthy attainable weeknight meals.

Fri Oct 05 | 6:30P

Doughnuts 101

Let’s make doughnuts! Chef Jen will teach you to bake, fry, fill and glaze your way to doughnut success. We’ll make cake-style and yeast-raised treats. Great for kids of all ages.

Sun Oct 07 | 1P

Intro to Live-Culture Fermentation

Our chief fermentation evangelist Karen Diggs shares her knowledge of lacto-fermentated foods - from sauerkraut to kombucha - in this hands-on class.

Tue Oct 09 | 6P

Creamy: Custards, Curds, and Ganache

Part of the Learn to Bake - Fall Series

Learn key techniques and formulas for making silky-smooth pastry cream, melt-in-your-mouth chocolate truffles and the best tangy, fool-proof lemon curds you've ever tasted!

Thu Oct 11 | 6P

Carrying Flavor – Sauces & Dressings

Part of the Learn to Cook - Fall Series

Learn how to build flavor and enhance the taste of your food using herbs and spices, salt, lemon juice and vinegars. From salad dressings to pan sauces, we'll show you how.

Wed Oct 17 | 6P

Airy: Air and Steam in Baked Goods

Part of the Learn to Bake - Fall Series

Though not on most ingredient lists, air is a key component in successful baking. We'll show you how with ethereal meringue, crisp creampuffs, and sky-high soufflés.

Thu Oct 18 | 6P

Taking Stock - Grains & Chicken

Part of the Learn to Cook - Fall Series

Stock your pantry and freezer with basic ingredients for easier menu planning and preparation. We'll show how a simple chicken and pantry staples can create a week's meals.

Wed Oct 24 | 6P

Cakey: Celebration Cakes!

Part of the Learn to Bake - Fall Series

What better finale for our Learn to Bake series than a good old-fashioned layer cake? Learn to mix, bake, fill and frost for all of life's special occasions.

Thu Oct 25 | 6P

Fall Farmer’s Market

Fall’s markets beckon, with brightly-hued squash, crisp cool-weather cauliflower and celeriac, and hearty healthy greens. Michelle McKenzie will teach you to coax out their best.

Sat Oct 27 | 11A

Mexican Moles and Tamales

Join us for a festive, communal cooking class with Chef Agustín Gaytán, as he leads hands-on lessons in making traditional Mexican moles and tamales.

Sun Oct 28 | 3P

Comfort - Braises & Warm Salads

Part of the Learn to Cook - Fall Series

The Fall months call for heartwarming dishes perfect for cozying up to the new season. Learn to make comforting braises, hearty bean dishes and satisfying main-course salads.

Wed Nov 07 | 6P

Breakfast All Day - Eggs

Part of the Learn to Cook - Fall Series

Learning to cook with the incredibly versatile egg will lead you to countless delicious meal ideas. Join us as we poach, fry, boil, bake and scramble our way to egg mastery.

Wed Nov 14 | 6P