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It’s always a good time to get into the kitchen. Enjoy cooking at home with tried-and-true techniques and recipes from The Civic Kitchen.

During this time of temporary suspension of classes, we’ll post news, recipes, tips and skills for you to employ now and in the future. We can’t think of a better time to head for the kitchen and cook for yourself and those you care about.

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apr 2, 2020

Lorraine's Traditional Broth

We expect a rain-chilled weekend here in S.F. Here's a soul-soothing broth to help you through it. This recipe is fabulous as is, or as a backdrop for vegetables, noodles or wontons...

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apr 1, 2020

Brunch for dinner...on April Fool’s Day

Why not have brunch for dinner...especially on April Fool’s Day, while we’re all sheltering in place? We have some ideas...

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mar 27, 2020

Weekend Project: Flatbreads (Naan-E-Hendi)

Flatbreads are fun! This recipe from master chef Jim Dodge will ease you into working with yeasted doughs. It mixes quickly, requires minimal handling, and bakes up in a flash...

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