jul 24, 2020

5 Ways to Enjoy Summer Melon

There are few foods that get us in the summer spirit like a perfectly ripe melon. They come round or oblong, petite and extra-grande, in beautiful sherbet shades and with enticing names like Ambrosia, Canary, and Galia. If you’ve written off melons after too many bland honeydews and cantaloupes served on a sad February breakfast buffet, we hope you’ll give them another chance. Experiencing an in-season melon is like tasting a warm tomato straight off the vine for the first time: transformative.
Now, let’s get creative! Read on for a few ways to enjoy summer melon:
  • Sliced onto a Spanish-inspired platter of bitter greens, jamon serrano, manchego, and marcona almonds. Splash on some sherry vinegar and your best extra virgin olive oil.
  • Carved as a bowl to fill with chicken salad for a nostalgic nod to the tupperware party days of our childhoods
  • As a frozen dessert with understated Italian style in melon granita
  • Pureed with a little sugar and water for refreshing Mexican-inspired agua fresca
  • To showcase your melon in a salad, the key is adding salt, some acid like citrus juice or vinegar, and fat, like olive oil, cheese, or prosciutto. Toss in some basil or mint, too!
To learn more about melons, read Melon 101 by our friends at CUESA. Tag us with #TCKatHome so we can follow along on your cooking adventures. If you have any questions or feedback, please email us, we’d love to hear from you.