sep 19, 2020

Tomato Pie

When you feel as though you’ve done every possible tomato thing with your summer haul and you’re pondering "Can I really do something new with tomatoes before they are gone?", know that the answer is "yes". It’s always YES!
As summer turns to fall, try showcasing some of your late season tomatoes in Tomato Pie. We’ve been making a recipe by James Beard, discovered through Ruth Reichl, starring a buttermilk biscuit crust, the ripest tomatoes, and nice sharp cheddar cheese. We cut the mayo amount by half and use up whatever bits of assertive cheese we find in our fridge drawer. Substitute store bought biscuit dough if you like, but don’t skip the basil! Then grab a fork, and take a big, comforting bite of the end of summer. Click here for the full recipe.
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