Frances Wilson

CHEF FRANCES WILSON can’t remember a time when her life has not revolved around food, from an early age cooking with her mother and then professionally as a chef and teacher. There are some that will say it's all she ever thinks about!
Frances trained as a high school teacher of Home Economics in her native Ireland. She moved to Berkeley in 1999 and was Executive Chef of the award-winning Lalime’s Restaurant for ten years. This was followed by four years as Culinary Director at Château Routas in Provence, France, where she catered to chateau guests and ran cooking classes.
Over the years, she has taught at many Bay Area locations including Sur La Table, Draeger’s and Ferry Plaza Farmers Market. She worked at Copia, The Center for Wine, Food and the Arts in Napa, developing programs and teaching.
Most recently, she was Professional Culinary Instructor at Tante Marie’s Cooking School in San Francisco, leading both the Professional Culinary Program and weekend specialty classes. She currently teaches at the Silverado Cooking School in Napa.
Frances is passionate about teaching people how to cook real food with great local ingredients. She wants people to know that cooking simple meals doesn’t have to be a chore but can be a fun time spent with family and friends.

Upcoming classes taught by Frances Wilson

The Japanese Pantry: Holiday Traditions

Join Chef Greg Dunmore of The Japanese Pantry online for this holiday themed class. Cook along as he shares expert advice for making celebratory Soba, Ozoni, and his next-level Karaage.

Sun Dec 05 | 3P

Cocktail Party 101

It's party food! Whether you're toting snacks to a holiday gathering or hosting one of your own at home or online, this class will inspire irresistible appetizers & fuss-free cocktails.

Sun Dec 05 | 3P

Get Sharp!—Kitchen Confidence

Part of the Learn to Cook - Winter 2022 Series

Transform your home cooking in our Learn to Cook Series: We'll teach you to season food properly, read & follow (or ignore!) recipes, and vastly improve your knife skills.

Wed Jan 12 | 6P

Learn to Cook - Winter 2022

Build a strong foundation for any culinary challenge thrown your way. Get ready to face the fundamentals—from sautéing to searing to steaming, we’ve got it covered in this six week course!

Wed Jan 12 | 6P

From the Sea

Part of the Learn to Cook - Winter 2022 Series

Learn to select seafood and prepare it using a variety of techniques. We will also practice grain and vegetable cookery skills, with plenty of inspiration and recipes to expand your repertoire.

Wed Jan 19 | 6P

90 Minutes to Dinner: Jacket Potatoes (+ Squash)

Cozy up with 90 Minutes to Dinner! Instructor Frances Wilson shares recipes and ideas for Jacket Potatoes (+ Squash), stuffed full of nutritious, delicious fillings for easy one-dish meals.

Thu Jan 20 | 5:30P

From the Garden

Part of the Learn to Cook - Winter 2022 Series

In this vegetable-focused class, we will work with a rainbow of seasonal produce—including varieties you may never have cooked with before—to make healthy, inviting, nourishing meals.

Wed Jan 26 | 6P

Taking Stock—Grains & Chicken

Part of the Learn to Cook - Winter 2022 Series

Stock your pantry and freezer with basic ingredients for easy menu planning and prep. We’ll show how a simple chicken and pantry staples can produce enticing meals all week long.

Wed Feb 02 | 6P

Comfort—Braises & Beans

Part of the Learn to Cook - Winter 2022 Series

Winter months call for heartwarming dishes to nourish us through the new season. Learn to make comforting braises, hearty bean dishes and satisfying main-course salads.

Wed Feb 09 | 6P

Breakfast All Day—Eggs

Part of the Learn to Cook - Winter 2022 Series

Learning to cook with the incredibly versatile egg leads to countless tempting meals. Join us as we poach, fry, boil, bake, soufflé and scramble our way to egg mastery.

Wed Feb 16 | 6P